Now your dime fights corporate crime!

the project

When we spend our money to make purchases we are reinforcing a set of behaviors representing the operating culture of the company we are purchasing from.

What kind of corporate behaviors do our purchases support?

* Stable, diverse, fairly-treated workforce - or layoffs while executive team gets huge bonuses?
* Equitable paychecks - or Executives receiving 100's of times average worker salaries?
* Prevention of harmful and toxic pollution - or Poisoning our land, rivers, lakes, oceans and air?
* Not interfering with governmental responsibility to its people - or Undermining democracy by attempting to buy it?
* Paying a fair share of taxes - or Operating offshore and avoiding taxes.

Your funds will help us build a comprehensive database of trusted information about companies and their behavior. We will deliver this data to our website, to your iPhone, Android or other mobile devices and to other organizations that can use the data for public good.

Together we can build something great.

Recent Donations

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Saleem Haque $50.00
Brian Hicks $35.00
Randy Kasper $100.00
Golda Velez $25.00 Without transparency, corporations have a clear benefit from anti-social selfish behaviour. Transparency and easy customer feedback changes the equation and rewards responsibility. Lets hold corporations responsible the same way you would your kids, co-
Mike from $10.00
Mike Mallo $50.00
Paige Polisner $50.00 thank you for the important work you are doing for the rest of us who don't have the time to do it!
linda aguirre $10.00
alonovo research, inc.